Obelisco Estate Winery Tasting Features Scarlata Chocolate

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               Obelisco Estate Winery Grapes
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In his role as founder and managing director of Scarlata Chocolate, Edward Anderton supervises all aspects of the company business and organizes numerous customer-facing events. Among other activities, Edward Anderton has arranged fundraisers, festivals, and wine and chocolate tastings, including one at the Obelisco Estate Winery.

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, guests at the award-winning Obelisco Estate Winery’s tasting room at Apple Farm Village sampled a variety of Scarlata Chocolate’s delicious confections. Known for being preservative- and gluten-free, these dark-chocolate treats contain organic ingredients whenever possible, sustainably sourced, fair-trade cacao, and a light touch of sugar.

During the event, the Obelisco Estate Winery offered a selection of Scarlata Chocolate treats specifically paired with a variety of its red wines, all included in the winery’s regular tasting fee. The chocolates, along with the wines, were available for purchase at Obelisco’s Woodinville, Washington, location.

Chocolatier Provides Subscription Service

Scarlata Chocolate pic
Scarlata Chocolate
Image: scarlatachocolate.com

The cofounder of Scarlata Chocolate, Edward Anderton directs the company’s wide range of customer-facing events. A certified Project Management Professional, Edward Anderton implemented a chocolate subscription service that has achieved a 92 percent lifetime renewal rate.

Subscription services are not a new concept, but the variety of products that companies now provide through those programs has widened considerably in recent years. The Pandora’s Box subscription package from Scarlata Chocolate offers chocolate connoisseurs the chance to receive a carefully selected set of 12 chocolate truffles each month.

Scarlata emphasizes its commitments to the small-batch chocolates it crafts, from mostly local, organic, gluten-free ingredients. Individuals can sign up for the Pandora’s Box program in several different forms, from mixed chocolates or salted caramels to vegan truffles. Membership in the subscription service also confers privileged access to the company’s freshest chocolate creations. Subscribers can choose to pick up their boxes from select locations or enjoy home delivery.