A Look at Residential Reentry Programs at Pioneer Human Services

Since 2012 Edward Anderton has served as cofounder and managing director of Scarlata Chocolate in Seattle. In this role, Edward Anderton has forged partnerships that help the company give back to the community. Scarlata is currently working with Pioneer Human Services, an organization that supports individuals recently released from incarceration.

Pioneer Human Services has served the greater Seattle area since 1963. Today, the organization has dozens of locations across Seattle where individuals can find help with substance abuse and mental health issues. The organization also offers training, employment, and housing services. One of its most important programs is the reentry initiative.

In Washington State, almost 18,000 people live in state or federal prisons, and 95 percent of them will one day be released and need to reintegrate with society. Pioneer works to meet the needs of this community by serving as a bridge from incarceration to freedom. The reentry programs help individuals reconnect with families, recover from substance abuse or other similar issues, and secure permanent employment.

In collaboration with the Department of Corrections, Pioneer has opened state prison reentry homes across Washington, including homes specifically for women or individuals with developmental disabilities. The organization also serves federal prisons through a partnership with the Federal Bureau of Prisons.